Feeling A Little Bummed Today

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So bummer…my Isagenix didn’t get here until about 6pm. I didn’t really get to officially start on the cleanse but I ate good and worked out. Today I did the Core De Force workout from BeachBody.  I am soooo sore from yesterday. Mainly my back and the back of my legs. I need to stay consistent! Oh, I found out last night that Core De Force is also doing a challenge that starts on the 9th. Ha! I’m going to just be in all these challenges…I’m so determined this time.

I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into. I’m so desperate to lose weight I seriously just got the package, kinda just got what the guy told me to get and didn’t look into it too much. There are some cleanse days and the other shake days also look pretty strict. All the sudden I’m getting kind of nervous! I know I can do this.

Damn though…I also can’t stop looking at my “Before” pics. I really do always wear like baggy clothes or flowy in the front. I purposely took these pics in a tight cami. Tried to make myself look even worse than I really do (not too hard)! Ugh…sometimes I sit here and think, “How the hell did I get to this point?” We went to Costa Rica between having Noah and Alivia. I actually wore a bikini and felt good! That’s also probably why or how I came back prego with Livy but that’s another story for another day…;) So, I just never got back after having her. December 30 was her 2nd birthday!!! I’ve had TWO years to get back to my old self!!


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