My Weight Loss Challenges Start Tomorrow!

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Although my challenges don’t officially start until tomorrow I started making changes today. I woke up and worked out earlier than I can remember doing in a long long time. I don’t know that it really matters though. I feel like I have more energy if I wait until later in the day. It was really nice to just get it over with though…we’ll see. I think as long as I work out that’s what’s really important. I did BeachBody’s Turbo Fire HIIT 20.  I could barely breathe when it was over but I’ve done it before and knew what to expect. My plan is to do HIITs every other day.

My Isagenix hasn’t come in yet so today I just ate clean. Plain scrambled eggs for breakfast. I went to Sprouts to get chicken and
veggies for dinner and ended up getting a salad from their salad bar. It was wonderful! I loooove salad bars. For dinner we had grilled chicken with green chillies and pepper jack cheese with salads and grilled veggies. My husband tried something new and grilled peppers, carrots, green beans in some sort of soy sauce mix wrapped in foil. I didn’t know if I’d like it but i really did. I want to start making more veggies.

Then the dreaded pictures and measurements came. I had my husband take them for me. For the Isagenix challenges I’m doing I had to follow a set of rules. I couldn’t take pics in a mirror or a selfie. They had to be full body; front, back and side. Measurements were also done by my hubs. It was kind of embarrassing but not totally. I always complain to him about my fat body and of course he knows exactly how I look without my clothes on.  Looking at those pics makes me think about how far I have to go. I NEED TO DO THIS. If I don’t, things will just keep getting out of hand.



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