Welcome to I ♥︎ The New Me! I’m Amy Miller and I’m so excited you’re here!

I am a dog obsessed, work out-lovin, mom of a sweet pre-schooler boy and rambunctious sassy-pants toddler little girl. Oh and that’s on top of my other full time job, Account Manager at a Cyber Security firm. Needless to say, I have my hands full!

I ♥︎ The New Me was created for anyone struggling to lose that weight you gained in college or from having babies or just anyone wanting to live their healthiest life. You’ll find health & wellness tips, workouts, recipes, and maybe some lifestyle tips. I’m all about the easy, quick, but also effective way of life. I like to write about things that I find helpful and inspiring, so you can find ways to be the best version of yourself!

I want to share my journey to get fit and healthy with you in order to motivate, inspire and support all of you who might be in my same shoes.  I also want you to help keep me accountable during my “getting back to me” plan in action.

I’m staying super strict until I get a handle on things but I’ll definitely be drinking a little and eating out. I just need to find the right balance. I’m just a normal, everyday girl trying to get back on track…just like a ton of you!

So that’s how I ♥︎ The New Me started. I want this “new me” to help you be the “new you”. The best me and the best you can do this together.  I’m dedicated to motivating women to get healthy and fit. This blog features diet tips and tricks, fitness ideas, other lifestyle tips and the inspiration you need to say, “I ♥︎ The New Me.”

15 Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a real Minnesota Twin (born there with an identical twin)
  • I named my Great Dane Lab mix after the movie, Wall-e
  • I have a healthy/unhealthy obsession with work out shirts.
  • I love going to the dentist
  • I had the sheet music from The Blue Lagoon, my favorite movie, sent to me from the composer to play at my wedding
  • I cut my hair once to look like Belinda Carslile
  • I once permed my bangs even though I have naturally curly hair (eye roll)
  • I was in a parade with Fred Savage from Wonder Years in London and saw his on screen brother, Wayne at a restaurant in Hawaii 
  • I did a service project at an orphanage in Estonia and travelled to Russia by train
  • I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland
  • I competed in a cheerleading competition in Germany
  • I spent one Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland
  • I eat Chinese food every Christmas Eve
  • My dad took me to my first New Kids on the Block concert
  • I memorized the entire Alvin and the Chipmunks, “Here’s Looking at Me” album in 1994

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