How a Support System Helps You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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When you decide to lose weight, do you tell lots of people? Do you keep it to yourself? Thinking back, I used to keep it to myself. Besides my husband, no one else needed to know. Was I embarrassed? Ashamed that I actually had to go on a diet? I don’t know. Probably, but the point is, it didn’t work. I didn’t have a support system. On my most recent weight loss quest (now) I’ve decided to shout it the world. Social media, this blog, my family, everyone and anyone that’ll listen! And so far, so good. It’s working.

An amazing support system is a huge part in your weight loss goals. There’s so many aspects of this. I’ve come to 100% believe that weight loss is mental. Whether you need someone to talk to because you fell off the wagon, you want to share a success, you have questions…you need support. This whole losing weight thing is stressful!

When you’re first starting out on your weight-loss journey, especially if you’ve tried before and failed, having someone there for support can make the difference. If you’re riding out a tough emotional period or trying to break some bad habits, such as excessive snacking, stress smoking, weekend alcohol binges, talking to someone about your challenges can improve your odds of succeeding.

My Personal Support System

Something that I’ve personally done is join a small Facebook group. There’s 4 of us. We take pictures of our meals, post motivational encouragement pics, announce our workouts, share delicious recipes and post goofy pics of ourselves when we just finish our workouts. It’s a place I feel safe and comfortable doing all those things. That Facebook group is my current support system. Even though we all have different plans and different methods we’re going about losing weight (one of us even lives in a different state) but we all support each other and that’s what’s important. One of us goes to the gym every single morning. I personally work out from home. 2 of us are on a meal replacement plan at the moment. One of us is a vegetarian! One thing is constant though, we support each other. It’s pretty awesome.

Social media makes it super easy to find a support system. I recently started sharing my journey on Instagram and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of support from total strangers I’m getting. Even if it’s just a small little comment on a picture I post, or whatever, it’s amazing! Weight loss is intriguing for a lot of people. Your journey helps others see what works and what doesn’t work. Obviously what works for someone might not work another and vice versa.

I’m lucky enough to have a position where I can work remotely from home. The cool thing is I still have a support system through work! We use an instant messaging system that has a ton of different channels. Well, one is a diet support channel. It started as the 21 Day Fix channel (more on that later). Lately we’ve been doing diet bets. Speaking of a diet bet, that’s my other support system. I’m in a game right now and within each game there’s an area to post comments and to support other game players. It really keeps us accountable. My point is that you should never be alone in your quest to lose weight and/or get healthy. There are so many ways to find your support system.

How Building a Strong Support System Helps Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Having a support system behind you while you lose weight will give you that motivation and inspiration to continue on especially when things get rough.  It is always nice to having someone have your back because things never work out according to plan. Not only with weight loss but with life in general.  It really doesn’t matter who your support system is either wether it is a friend, coworker, spouse or even your personal trainer.  Just remember to have people there to help motivate you and keep you accountable. A support system is important when working to lose weight because it really is not a perfect journey.  Having a support system helps us when we need a lift or a little friendly push.  It also helps us know we are not alone and makes the journey more enjoyable and successful.

Losing weight is so much about changing behaviors, including what you eat and working out.  A support system will help encourage you to stay on your diet, and will praise you when you completely work out sessions and will help you find healthier food choices and will be there to support you when you struggle. Having a support system in place will help you when things become difficult, and you’re tempted to quit. Much like quitting smoking or using alcohol studies show that people are more successful in attempts to lose weight when they have a support system there to help them.

Accountability to your support system

In addition to eating right and exercising, a support system and being accountable are key in ensuring your weight loss efforts stay strong, sensible and successful. You and your partner may individually break promises to eat better and exercise regularly, but together you will be more likely to stick to your weight loss routine. You don’t want to let your support system down, do you?

A support system helps you get through the rough times and reach your goals

Sometimes you need a little push because your motivation and energy are lagging behind. By working together, you and your support system will both be able to achieve goals faster. By telling someone/people your goals, you’ll more likely reach them because you don’t want to look foolish not doing what you told someone you would do. That’s a huge part of why I started this blog. Do I want people to follow me in my weight loss and have them watch me just give up? Noooooo! Having a common goal with your fitness support system can be so motivating when it seems easier to just give up. Your support system won’t let you give up. They’ll be the ones that give you that extra kick in the ass to get you through the hump.

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