Valentine’s Day Dates For Active Couples

Valentine's Day dates for active couples. Great ideas for when you want to stay on track and keep losing weight.

Valentine’s Day is usually a candy and candle-lit dinner kinda holiday. While a romantic night is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there are other ways to be romantic with your significant other. And, if you’re single, don’t pout on the couch alone with a spoon and some ice cream. Grab a friend and get active!

Go For a Hike Together

Hiking is a happiness booster. A hike together is a great opportunity to get to know each other even better and get a little exercise. You can talk the whole time, or you can walk in silence, just holding hands and enjoy the scenery and beauty of where you are. Or both! That’s the beauty of hiking, it is whatever you want it to be.

Plan a Ski Trip

There’s nothing quite like a romantic ski getaway and celebrating Valentine’s Day with a mini vacation to the slopes is a must for any active couple. Although February 14th falls in the middle of the week in 2018, ski resorts across North America are still gearing up for a big day.

Go For a Romantic Run

Instead of going for your run at your regular time, why not set aside some time to go on a run together? This way you don’t have to skip your workout and you get to spend time with your love.

As a fun date idea, many cities across the country, even if they’re located in a colder climate, will have a race or two on the weekend. Get your blood pumping with a race together, and the two of you can encourage each other to cross the finish line.

Sign-up For a Ballroom Dance Class

How about dancing with your hot date? Elevate your rhythm and heart rate with a calorie-burning ballroom dance class. You can walk in completely clueless and still have fun doing it.  Plus, ballroom dancing involves physical contact and moving two bodies in rhythm which is super intimate. The skills you learn dancing will go way beyond the dance floor.

Go Ice Skating

For a colder weather activity, bundle up and lace up those skates. For warmer locations find an indoor rink with free skating times. Going ice skating can also be an intimate bonding experience, especially if you’re holding hands. If one of you is a better skater than the other, it can also be a chance to show off some of your moves or learn a new skill  This active date has the added benefit of working your legs, abs and butt!

Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Why not break a sweat by rock climbing together?  Rock climbing, by its very nature, can help you build self-confidence, but there’s a reason why it’s also a great team-building activity. To get to the top, you’ll need the help of your partner, and in turn this date can help you build trust and confidence in your relationship — while you’re also building muscle.

Most big cities have indoor rock climbing venues that welcome both first-timers and experienced climbers. If you’re a competitive couple, challenge each other to a timed race along the same route. You’ll walk a way with a sense of accomplishment and arms that feel like you just did 100 push-ups.

Bounce Around at the Trampoline Park

A couple that jumps together stays together, right? Follow the sage advice and head to an indoor trampoline park to bounce around, flip into foam pits, or take a trampoline fitness classes. You’ll be burning around 40 calories ever ten minutes on the tramp. A trampoline park could make for a great unique Valentine’s Day date.

Take a Bike Ride

A bike ride is a great way to get your heart pumping and view the beautiful sites of your city that you may miss during a typical car ride. Really, any excuse to be moving and getting to spend time with your Valentine is a great one.

Play a Sport

What better way to enjoy each other’s company than a friendly competition. Shoot some hoops, play a racquet sport, or visit the batting cages. The loser can treat the winner to a Valentine’s Day dessert.

Enjoy a Couple’s Massage

After an active day out, a great way to relax is a couple’s massage. Like your day out and about, a massage will release endorphins, but it can also be therapeutic. It will relax your muscles and help take away any pain or stress you may be feeling.

So this year, skip the cliché dinner and instead plan a workout date that elevates your heart rate and gets both of you moving.


  1. LOVE THIS! It’s not that I don’t like be treated a nice meal BUT…. these are a nice and fun thing to do together during the day. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t loving planning a romantic trip together. xx

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