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Write Down Your Goals for Weight Loss Success

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my goals and how I’m really going to achieve them. They say if you write your goals down they become more attainable. The physical act of writing it down makes it real. Also always use positive words that ensure you believe you’ll attain the goal. You have to see yourself reaching this goal. You’re in charge! No excuses! The only way I’m going to lose weight and get stronger is if I make some changes and be persistent. You need to be reminded constantly of what you’re trying to achieve. Put a sticky on your computer screen, your mirror, the fridge…Make a plan and stick with it. So if you want to see those six pack abs anytime soon, make the time to sit down and write out your weight loss goals in as much detail as possible and you will be taking a huge step in the right direction.

Write down your goals for weight loss success. Writing down goals is a proven way to achieve your goals! Here's why!Keep a Goal Setting Journal

To help you stay focused make sure that you are keeping detailed records of what you are doing in your journey toward your goals.  More importantly, you will have a detailed account of what’s working and what is not. Keeping a journal can be crucial in helping you to plan your next step and help you to get to your goals even faster.  Your journal can also be a huge source of inspiration once your have achieved your goal. You can go back and see what worked and what didn’t. You can also remind yourself what you enjoyed, whether that’s a certain workout or a certain meal or snack.

Get Super-Specific

Include details about how you’ll actually get those dreams accomplished.  Instead of putting, “lose 10 pounds,” write out the steps you’re going to take to get there. For example:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat greens every day
  • Eat less salt

Another specific goal within your main goal might be to work out 3-4 times a week. You can even break it down further to what your workouts will be:

  • 2 cardio sessions a week
  • HIIT 3 times a week
  • Weight train twice a week

You get the picture.

Put Your Goals Where You Can See Them

At the beginning of every New Year, I write all of my goals, put them on the wall and look at them pretty much every day. And that helps remind me to say yes to things that will bring me closer to my goals—and no to things that will only leave me further from them. You just have to keep putting it out there and talking about it.  It’s no secret that goal setting is often the difference between failure and success, regardless of whether or not your aim is to lose weight or accomplish something else in your life. So it only makes sense that if you want to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life, taking the time to plan out your goals is going to play a huge factor in whether or not you follow through and achieve what you have set out for yourself.

Review Your Goals Daily

Once you have set goals and written them down on paper, you will also want refresh yourself and review them every single day. The more that you think about your goals throughout the day, the more focused and determined you will be. You can even take this a step further and read your goals out loud. Reading your goals out loud should also motivate you. Saying things out loud often makes them feel more real, more achievable. Each day, when planning your day, go over your goals and plan on how you’re going to take one step further for accomplishing them that day. Do it first thing in the morning. Doing this gets you started on the right foot right off the bat. You’ve done something awesome for that day — you’ve taken a small step towards making your dreams come true!

Fitlosophy FitBook

Get inspired and stay on track with this FitBook. Stay motivated while you look back at your progress.

    • 12-week goal-setting page and weekly planning pages, plus space to log before and after measurements.
    • Daily food log to record healthy eats, including trackers for nutrients, vitamins, water and sleep. Also includes a daily workout page to track strength training, cardio, classes, and flexibility.
    • Weekly wrap-up pages to reward progress, reflect on your week, and journal thoughts and inspiration.
    • 5.5 inches square, includes pint-size pen, strap to mark your place, sleeve to stash recipes/workouts, and slot for your gym card, extra cash, etc.
    • Includes a FREE download for the fitbook+ goal setting app to help you set a realistic, healthy 12-week goal and provide you with a printer-friendly download of your goals.

New Years Resolution Journal: Let’s Crush This Shit – 2018 Goal Planner Workbook for Goal Setting, Daily Planning and ACTUALLY Getting Shit Done 

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Here’s how to keep yours.

This New Years Resolution Journal is the ultimate goal setting workbook that was designed for those who are ready to break free of procrastination and take their life to the next level through a strategic planning system.

Make 2018 the best year yet! 

This journal includes instructions on how to maximize your results and truly achieve your New Year’s resolutions! With our proven method, you will discover how to hack your goals and truly change your life. 

Your dreams are only dreams until you write them down… Then they are GOALS!

90 Days Exercise & Diet Weight Loss Journal Diary

It has been proven that tracking your exercise and food intake can lead to an increased chance of success in a weight loss journey.

Our journal makes it easy and convenient to log your daily fitness routine and meals. Includes sheets for daily measurements of weight, chest, waist and other important body measurements.

90 days gives you enough time to change your eating habits and you get to see your daily results right in front of you.

Grab your copy today and if you need more than 90 days grab two!

Fitlosophy Fitspiration Journal: 16 Weeks of Guided Fitness Inspiration

  • Inspirational fitness journal features healthy tips, motivational quotes, and space for notes and reflection
  • A tool to help you gain insight and energize your fitness journey
  • Guided gratitude section to encourage positive thinking every day
  • Daily ratings and notes for workouts, food intake, and mood; blank space for daily journaling
  • 114 entries for 16 weeks of inspiration; 8 inches x 6.5 inches x 0.75 inches thick

Motivational Diet & Fitness Journal®

  • Includes 100 sheets.
  • PLAN: Set weekly goals to achieve your long-term goals. Research shows that writing down goals and visions is the key to SUCCESS!
  • TRACK PROGRESS: Each sheet/week allows you to record; daily workouts, log meals, keep track of supplements/vitamins/medications, weight & blood pressure, body measurements, water check, notes.
  • Weight: 8 oz

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