I Heart The New Me was created for anyone struggling to lose weight. Whether it’s the weight you gained in college, having babies or just anyone wanting to live their healthiest life. You’ll find health & wellness tips, workouts, recipes, and even some lifestyle tips. We like to write about things that we find helpful and inspiring, so you can find ways to be the best version of yourself!

Our health journeys are very similar. We’re identical twins so that’s not too surprising! It all began after pregnancies. Both of us, in our early 30s had kids. The fun thing about having kids is the weight gain, right? Ugh. NO. It’s something a lot of women don’t even give consideration to when they become pregnant. I was never worried about the weight gain during the pregnancy and I wasn’t even really concerned with it until it was 6 months post birth and the weight wasn’t coming off. On top of that, I developed high blood pressure with my second pregnancy that has never returned to normal. So it was settled. I had to take the matter into my own hands. I tried to find the best and most effective way to lose weight and this led me down a never ending rabbit hole with so many options.

The internet is filled with all sorts of information for diet, weight loss and fitness. I didn’t even know where to begin. Ultimately I joined a boot camp and the trainer there had a profound influence on me. Not only did I learn more about fitness, but my coach also taught me about diet and nutrition. I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more. That’s when it dawned on me that fitness and nutrition were so important in my life. Not only to me, but for the future of my kids! I wanted to be healthy and be there for them as long as possible and I also wanted to become a role model. This is the only body you have and you should treat it right! That’s when I decided to go for some formal education. I became a certified fitness trainer because of how great I felt and how important I knew it was to share this with other people in my same situation.

The information out there is just plain confusing and most people don’t really know where to turn. Luckily, you’re here now, and we can point you in the right direction!

Regardless of where you’re at on your fitness journey, you’ll find this is a great resource and there’s something here for everyone.

You might be here because you’re obese and have over 100 pounds to lose. You’re concerned about your health and well-being. You need something that really works.

You might be here because nothing else has worked. You’re frustrated.

You might be here just because you want to stay healthy and live your best life.

Again, you’ve found the right place. Welcome!

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Certified Fitness Trainer (CPD)
Intermittent Fasting Diet: Full Nutrition Certification (CPD)

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