Reduce Belly Fat With These 7 Yoga Poses

7 Yoga Poses For Belly Fat Loss

Abdominal fat is the most challenging part to melt! The fat tends to settle there and doesn’t want to leave. And this is true for both women and men. So what can you do to lose it? No need to purchase a gym membership! Fortunately, some simple and effective yoga poses for belly fat. Yoga is a relaxing discipline that can provide many health benefits. Indeed, certain postures can help you strengthen your muscles and lose weight. Yoga is a practice that even novices can adopt.  Here are 7 easy yoga poses to lose belly fat naturally.

The Cobra (Bhujangasana)

The Cobra Pose - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

The Cobra pose is one of the basic asanas practiced regularly in yoga. Among the many positions performed in yoga exercises, the Cobra pose and its benefits will help you achieve a balance between body and mind. 

How to do it:

  • Lie on your stomach with your legs straight. 
  • Place your palms at shoulder level. 
  • While inhaling, lift your chest as much as possible by leaning back. 
  • Hold this posture for 15 to 30 seconds. 
  • By exhaling slowly, lower your torso to a lying position and hold this position for 15 seconds.- 
  • Repeat this movement 5 times. 


Performing this asana regularly can not only help reduce belly fat but also cure digestive ailments like constipation. You can use it to strengthen the upper back and the backs of the legs and to stretch your chest and shoulders. The back-bending action is powered by the muscles of the back of the body. But the pose is also a powerful way to tone the abdominal muscles. They get stretched as you move into the backbend and contracted as you control the movement and return to your starting point. 

The Boat Pose (Naukasana)

The Boat Pose - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

The Boat pose eliminates body fat around the waist and can also strengthen the legs and back muscles. Boat pose, or paripurna navasana, is an oldie but goodie when you want to strengthen your core. 

How to do it:

  • Lie on your back, legs straight and together with your arms at your side. 
  • While inhaling, start lifting your legs, keeping them straight. 
  • Raise your legs as far as possible, while keeping your legs as straight as possible.
  • Raise your arms, keeping them parallel, trying to touch your toes. 
  • Breathe gently and hold this position for 15 seconds. 
  • Slowly exhale while releasing the position. 
  • Stay in a lying position for 15 seconds. 
  • Repeat 5 times.


The Boat pose works on balance as well as increases concentration. This pose brings consciousness to the spine. It’s also excellent for the stomach. The Boat pose stimulates and regulates digestion. This yoga pose will strengthen abdominals, hip flexors, and the spine. Another great benefit is stress relief!

Surya Namaskar Pose (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskar Pose - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

Surya Namaskar is a confluence of twelve yoga positions, each of which has a major impact on the entire body. The forward and backward bends allow stretches, while the deep breathing performed during the act helps in detoxification. Practice Surya Namaskar daily in the morning, facing the sun, for maximum benefits.

How to do it:

Surya Namaskar Pose - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat
  • First of all, stand up straight with both legs together, make the chest very wide and relax your shoulders.
  • As you exhale, keep both hands at your sides very straight. As you breathe out, place your hands in front of your chest and keep your hands in the prayer position.
  • Now breathe in and move both hands upward, then stretch backward.
  • Then exhale and lean forward, then keep your forehead on your knees.
  • Now bend your left knee, move your right leg back and place your palms on the floor.
  • Then hold your breath and stretch your eft leg as well. This is called Planck’s state.
  • Now come to the ground and turn your spine outward. Along with this, your knees, chest, and chin should be on the floor.
  • Now breathe in, and after lying down, move your head back.
  • After that, your hands should be on the floor, release your breath and tilt your torso forward and move your hips outward.
  • Then inhale and bring your left leg forward. During this time, your elbows should be straight and your head back.
  • Now also bring your other leg forward and lay your head on your knee.
  • Then stand up straight and stretch your torso and arm backward.
  • Then return to your old state.


All parts of the body and internal organs from head to toe enjoy many benefits by performing this asana. Regularly practicing Surya Namaskar keeps you healthy and energized. You can’t go wrong with Surya Namaskar!

Viparita Karani Asana (Legs Up The Wall Pose)

Legs Up The Wall Pose - Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat

The Viparita Karani asana is a great, easy yoga pose for beginners. Viparita Karani is often called Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose, but viparita actually means “inverted,” and karani means “in action.” This yoga posture is considered as one of the most calming and nourishing poses for the mind and the body.

How to do it:

  • Sit against a wall and stretch your legs.
  • Rock on your side and try to bring your buttocks as close as possible to the wall.
  • Take a deep breath, then, while exhaling, turn a quarter turn to bring your back to the floor and your legs to the wall.
  • Bring your butt even closer to the wall if you’ve strayed from it.
  • Your legs should stay straight. Try not to bend them even if you feel like it (this feeling is totally normal, but to enjoy all the benefits of this asana, you have to be careful to keep your legs straight and straight).
  • Let your arms rest at your sides, on either side of you, with the palms of your hands facing up.
  • Breathe normally or do deep breathing exercises for greater relaxation and better anti-stress effect.


When you put your legs up the wall with your pelvis elevated on a folded blanket, lymph and other fluids that can lead to swollen ankles, tired knees, and congested pelvic organs flow into the lower belly; this refreshes the legs and the reproductive area.

Viparita Karani also alleviates headaches, boosts energy, soothes menstrual cramps, and relieves lower back pain.

Pawanmuktasana (Wind-relieving pose)

Pavanamuktâsana Yoga Pose to Reduce Belly Fat

This pose helps to release digestive gases from the intestines and stomach with great ease. Wind-relieving pose, as its name suggests, is excellent for releasing abdominal gas.

How to do it:

  • Lie on your backbone, and legs straight.
  • Slowly bend your legs, bringing your knees to your chest using your arms.
  • Use your thighs to put pressure on the abdomen, then squeeze your hands behind your thighs to hold them in place.
  • Hold the posture for 90 seconds after taking a deep breath.
  • Then return to the initial posture by releasing your knees slowly.
  • Perform this pose 5 times, with a 15-second break in the middle of each rep.


The Pawanmuktasana pose strengthens the abdominal muscles and massages the intestines and internal organs of the digestive system, therefore releasing trapped gases and improving digestion.

It strengthens the back muscles and tones the muscles of the arms and the legs.

And of course, it helps burn fat in the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal area.


Kumbhakasana Plank Yoga Pose

This pose is great for your abdominal muscles but it also strengthens the shoulders, arms, backbone, thighs as well as your butt.

How to do it:

  • Put your small hand as well as knees just underneath your shoulders as well as hips. 
  • Gather your toes underneath and activate jolting your feet back to spread your legs, behindhand your body. 
  • Then look forward to your palms to keep your neckline and backbone in line, and your abs hold.
  • Your body should create a traditional line from your head to your heels. 
  • Ensure your hands are level on the floor and your fingers are range apart. 
  • Persist in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat this 5 times with 15 seconds rest between reps. 


It contributes to better balance and better coordination. It strengthens the arms, wrists, and your abdominal strap. It stretches the upper back and helps digestion. It brings tranquility and concentration while helping to become aware of your body, and it promotes better self-confidence.

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Corpse Pose - Yoga

The Corpse Pose allows relaxation and recharges—the batteries both at the end of a stressful day and at the end of a yoga session. After a yoga class and the realization of its asanas, Savasana is essential. It is important not to go beyond it because your body and mind store all the virtues and the postures to facilitate the next class’s progress.

How to do it:

  • Allow 10 minutes to relax without losing patience or falling asleep.
  • Lie down on a comfortable yoga mat. 
  • Your entire back should be glued to the floor, your legs are stretched out slightly spaced, and your toes pointed outward. 
  • As for your arms, they are placed on the mat, away from your abdomen, and the palms facing upwards. 
  • Once in the correct position, close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. 
  • During the Savasana discipline, you feel your body sinking into the ground and become aware of each limb (starting with your toes and this up to the top of your head) before relaxing it completely. 
  • Clear your head and focus on just your breathing, which becomes more and more regular. If you want to move, resist so as not to disturb your deep relaxation. However, don’t beat yourself up if you have thoughts crossing your mind. Let them do like a passing wave and focus on your breath again.


Reduces stress, anxiety and insomnia. Relaxes your muscles and your mind and also burns belly fat. The essential pose is crucial for calming the mind and body. It calms your central nervous system, aiding the digestive and immune systems. Performing the Savasana yoga pose not only reduces belly fat but it helps you to relieve constipation and major digestive issues.

A Final Note About Reducing Belly Fat With Yoga

A monotonous lifestyle, lack of exercise, bad eating habits, and high stress are all causes of belly fat.

There are no shortcuts to getting rid of abdominal fat but proper diet with good fitness routine can help reduce belly fat to a large extent. Yoga can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. It not only helps reduce belly fat but also allows your body and mind to feel rejuvenated.

Above all, stay positive, happy and love your body!!!

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