How I Made Money Losing Weight With DietBet

I’m so happy to announce that I won my diet bet! I literally just got paid money to lose weight. **Full disclosure: I AM NOT in any way affiliated with or am I getting paid to write about them.**

How to make money losing weight!

What better way to motivate yourself than good ol’ hard earned cash? Hey, works for me! Don’t get me wrong you’re not going to make bank or make a side income from DietBet. Depending on how much you bet, how many games your playing etc. you’ll end up making a few bucks. A nice, albeit small, consolation prize is better than nothing. Money is a big motivator and DietBet is capitalizing on being that little extra nudge you need to meet your weight loss goals.

Losing Weight Got Social

Let me explain. There are a few rules but DietBet is exactly what it sounds like. You bet on yourself to lose weight within a specific amount of time. You put your money in the pot and win back what you put in plus a tiny bit more if you win and of course there’s always the losing end, you lose it all if you don’t meet the required weight loss. You do this all with a group of people competing to lose weight along with you, not against you so you’re all in it together.

The Rules

DietBet has a couple different types of games. The Kickstarter: Lose 4% of your body weight in four weeks, The Transformer: Lose 10% of your body weight in six months or The Maintainer: Keep it off for 12 months.

You can join a game someone else started or you can start your own game. If you start your own game you get to decide how much players have to bet upfront and whether the game is invitation-only or open for anyone to join. I don’t know for sure how much the lowest amount to opt in is but so far, I’ve seen between $25-$100.

DietBet requires you to take a photo of yourself standing on the scale along with a piece of paper showing a unique secret verification word that confirms it’s your weight in the picture. When the DietBet game ends each player submits their final weight and the winners split the pot. Payouts are  then made a few days later.

What’s Awesome About DietBet

So, there’s definitely a social aspect to this all. DietBet is going after weight management in the most social way possible.   It brings people together to lose weight as a group rather than the classic individual, all by your lonesome, old school approach. DietBet lets players compete to lose weight with friends, family, strangers or even famous people. They send daily emails during the bet with reminders to weigh in frequently and tips and tricks. Each game has it’s own activity wall where dieters can update their progress, comment, even upload a photo, and motivate other players. If that’s inspiring for you, then this feature will definitely be a bonus for you.

How to make money losing weight!

It was really no hassle at all. The whole process was very simple.  Take a full-length picture in “Airport Security” attire, which just means simple clothing. No shoes, no belts, no hats and nothing in your pockets.  You then take a picture of the your scale with your own weigh-in word. The weigh-out process was the same.  I did all this with my phone in less than 5 minutes and was approved fairly quickly. In fact, once the game was over and I won, I was able to use my pictures from the weight out to enter another game which made it even easier the second time. It really was as simple as that.

They recently came out with a new game called StepBet. Just as you can conclude from the name, it’s betting on your daily steps…more to come on that later. I’m thinking about joining a StepBet game here in the next few days. So, if you’re looking for that little extra kick in the butt to get your ass moving and lose that weight for good, I highly recommend DietBet. It’s fun, social and it’s just one more reason to keep myself in check. Go ahead and try it for yourself and good luck!


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  1. What a fab idea! what could be better than losing weight and getting money 🙂 It’s great that it is so social so that it makes your more accountable and helps reach your goals. Good luck

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