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5 Reasons You Fail at Weight Loss

We’ve all been there before. You start, you stop. You’re on a roll, then comes a birthday. Then it’s Thanksgiving. Then it’s Christmas. It’s a never ending cycle! You lose 5, you gain 5, you lose, you gain. You need to stop the cycle! Let’s take a closer look.

Here are 5 reasons you fail at weight loss (no particular order):

You’re not persistent.

Reasons you're not losing weight

Your busy lifestyle gets in the way. Weight loss is soooo mental! You need to keep the mindset that you can do it! Putting yourself as #1 and making YOU a priority will get you to your goals. Keep with it and don’t stop. Letting your past failures get in the way is going to haunt you. Move forward with a new attitude. Do this for you!

You think you’re going to starve. 

You only need a small calorie deficit to jump start your progress. You don’t need to skip meals (in fact, it’s not recommended). Instead of eating dessert, try having a piece of dark chocolate. Make healthier choices. Swap calorie heavy foods for calorie dense foods. There are tons of small changes you can make to your diet that will make a huge difference in the long run. Losing weight is a process, not an overnight fix.

You workout so you can eat more. 

Sorry but this is not going to work. Haven’t you heard the saying,  “Abs are made in the kitchen?”. Well, it’s true. They are! Losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Now, I don’t want to downplay the working out part of losing weight. Working out is extremely important for many aspects of your life; Reduces the risk of heart disease, helps you sleep better, improves your overall strength…I could go on and on but that’s for another day. It’s just much easier to create a 3500 calorie deficit by cutting calories than it is to burn it off by exercising.  If you skip that late night snack you could be cutting out 250 calories and on top of that you could burn an extra 200 at the gym! A combination of the 2 is what will ultimately work best for weight loss.

You’re on a “diet” and not committing to a permanent lifestyle change.

Reasons you're not losing weight

So many people don’t think of weight loss as a long-term change. When we’re “dieting” it’s always short-term thing.Many people decide that they’ll go back to the way they were once they lose the weight. Well, guess what’s going to happen? You got it, it’ll all creep right back on. Making the commitment to permanently change your life is hard. I know that. Trust me, I’m doing that right now! Yes, it’s hard for me not to have 5 Guys every weekend. It’s hard for me not to drink beer from our kegerator every weekend night. It’s not easy to NOT eat half my kids chicken nuggets and mac and cheese as I’m making it. It’s a challenge to open the pantry and see all the kids snacks and not just grab something for myself really quick. But I’ve committed to this change in lifestyle to lose weight and so can you.

It’s all or nothing for you. 

Me, me, me! I’m raising my hand and waving it like a crazy person. This is one of my main problems losing weight. I’m either all in or all out. I screwed up at breakfast, well I ruined my whole day! I might as well just eat 4 pieces of pizza for lunch now. It doesn’t matter because the day is ruined. Welp, I ruined Monday so I guess I’ll just start next Monday. See what happens here? This is aaaaalllll wrong! Who cares if you ate a big breakfast, eat a good lunch and healthy dinner. It’s not ruined. Any little thing you so is going to help. One mess up is not going to set you back. If you keeping doing it, that’s another story. Just put it behind you. Do you see a theme here? It’s a mental game. You just have to win.

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